Providing Quality Piano Lessons In Sydney

If you’re after convenient, quality piano lessons in Sydney, where experience, knowledge and creativity come together, then you’ve come to the right place.
Our approach at Prima Piano connects traditional high-level piano lessons with modern and relevant teaching strategies. Students get the best of both worlds, with a world-class approach to technique and music learning, all within a framework of innovation and creativity.
Here’s how we create great results for our students.

We will…

Develop Great Technique

With relaxation at the core, our world-class approach to piano technique gives students freedom. Freedom from tension, freedom from frustration, freedom to express and create, and freedom to choose the pieces they WANT to play. A good technique promotes faster progress, effortless finger dexterity, a beautiful and controlled tone, and MOST importantly, happiness. Yep! By removing technical barriers the path to musical success becomes smooth.

Create Versatile musicians

Being versatile in music is key to creating self-confidence and independence in students, which is essential for a successful musical life, and for life outside of music as well. At Prima Piano students will develop a broad range of skills, enhancing musicality, general knowledge, creativity, imagination, and performance. With more tools in the musical tool box, students will have more options and greater access to opportunities to explore music in their future lives.

Encourage Curiosity

We love curious students! These are the students that have engaged with their learning and are more likely to be self-motivated. This is where progress accelerates! By providing a platform for exploration and creativity, by making knowledge accessible and easy to understand, and with a technique that helps NOT hinders, students will thrive and succeed at their goals.

Why We Teach

At Prima Piano we are passionate about fostering a LOVE of music in all learners of piano.

When students love music they’re motivated and enthusiastic, inspiring them to put in the hard work.

We truly believe enjoyment is the key ingredient for success at the piano. Without it, progress will be very slow. With it, students can thrive, and access the many wonderful benefits of learning the piano.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality piano lessons in Sydney. So our students to have best chance to achieve their musical goals, whatever they are.

Who We Teach


We really want kids to get off to a good start by learning that music can be a fun and rewarding activity for them.

It’s so important that kids find joy in music AND learning so they become confident and self-motivated. That’s why we always teach beyond the notes on the page. We aim to develop ALL the essential building blocks for genuine lifelong musical ability…

And, we want students to progress in any goal, so we will always listen, and tailor our approach to the unique needs and interests of all students.


Whether it is to pursue an international standard of performance or simply to learn the basics and play at parties, we have the experience and knowledge to help with any goal.

The first step is to really understand your situation, expectations and ultimate goals. Adults usually have very clear reasons for learning the piano, but if you feel unclear we will show you options and work with you to FIND OUT what you want to achieve.

We provide the same opportunities to learn a broad range of skills and develop creativity as with our lessons for kids.

Preschoolers (3.5-6yrs)

Lessons for preschool age kids are an opportunity to get a really good head start on their musical learning at the piano.

With playful and age-appropriate activities and games, these tiny tots can learn the basics of piano technique and explore musical beginnings with aural, rhythm and theory.

They can start creating music right away with simple improvisations and compositions, and build confidence performing easy pieces from memory.

More Than Just Lessons

Our approach has many benefits for students beyond simply learning an instrument.

Our technique development strategies promote relaxation and the recognition of tension in all areas of the body. These strategies also greatly enhance an ability to focus and master the art of patience.
But there are plenty MORE ways that learning the piano can improve your life.


Builds the higher cognitive areas of the brain

Develops the capacity for abstract thinking

Fosters skills in analytical thought, in memory ability, and in spatial awareness

Develops quicker thought processes and helps in learning complex concepts


Enhances creativity, imagination and the ability to interpret meaning in abstract concepts

Builds confidence and self esteem

Provides an outlet for personal expression

Improves the ability to be responsive to the emotions of others


Enhances fine motor skills and improves coordination between both sides of the brain

Improves posture and body familiarisation and the recognition and release of unnecessary tension


Improves self-discipline and management of personal time

Fosters personal commitment, reliability and accountability