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For students interested in: learning music in a fun and nurturing environment, in developing the essential building blocks for musical ability, and in developing skills useful for school, social, and emotional life.


For students interested in: trying a new approach to learning piano, in building confidence, self esteem and personal discipline, and in developing the essential skills needed for genuine proficiency.


For students interested in: exploring a desire to express music, in the benefits of cognitive development and brain training, and in the social and emotional opportunities music provides.


For students interested in: pursuing an international standard of performance, in a more comprehensive approach to developing skills, and in cultivating a lifelong appreciation for music.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Fostering A Love Of Music

At Prima Piano we believe that fostering a love of music in each student is the primary over-riding goal. Through this love of music a student will not only have a greatly increased quality of life in the long term but will also have a personal incentive motivating the self discipline needed to develop all skills.

It is essential that the learning process is an enjoyable experience for the student. Without enjoyment, the full benefits of learning music can’t be achieved. The cognitive and physical skills needed for playing the piano will not develop to the maximum level if the student is not enthusiastic.

Developing Self Esteem

Each individual student has a different mixture of abilities. No-one has no abilities whatsoever. Our first job will be to seek out these abilities and, by acknowledging them, to begin building a sense of self esteem in the student. It is essential that each student be treated with respect, and that criticism is always constructive. Areas needing to improve should be developed as a joint endeavour between teacher and student.

Setting Goals

All students have individual goals. We will always seek to identify the different needs of each student, and to work out ways, in collaboration with the student, to achieve them. We will never insist on a set of goals which suit the teacher only. The needs and wishes of the student must always come first.

Choosing The Right Repertoire

It is a waste of time forcing people to play pieces they don’t like. There is no need to engage in this pointless process. On the piano we have a great deal of repertoire to choose from. Students will practise more if they like their pieces, and they will play them better if they do. The selection of repertoire that students not only enjoy, but which is also appropriate for their particular stage of learning and their individual abilities, is an essential part of our process.

Removing Barriers

The necessary development of physical and mental skills, combined with the abstract nature of music itself, can make learning to communicate on the piano a difficult task for any student.

Our role will be to remove any barriers which prevent a student from succeeding in the goal of expressing meaning in the abstract language of music.

Our Comprehensive Approach 

Developing All The Skills

Genuine proficiency on the instrument comes only with real understanding of these essential areas:


Refining the listening abilities of each student is crucially important, not only to foster enjoyment of music but also as an essential tool for self development. Through fine hearing of tone, pianists can strengthen musical and technical skills needed to achieve a wide range of goals.


The development of confident sight reading skills helps independent learning and the achievement of a wide range of goals. Prima Piano’s teachers prioritise the development of music reading skills using a range of materials and methodologies.


A knowledge of how music is structured, of how it has evolved historically, of the composers and performers who have played important roles, and of the extent of repertoire available for students to play, are all necessary to achieve goals and to developing personal connections to music.


Developing an efficient piano technique is necessary for the achievement of all possible goals. There is a range of possible methods of achieving this, and the process can be adjusted for each student.

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Our preparation techniques have been developed on the basis of many years teaching, music examining, and music adjudicating experience.

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