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Are you looking to improve your skills as a teacher, learn strategies to motivate kids, or help your advancing students excel?
Would you love to grow your studio business or learn how to use technology and innovative resources to enhance your student’s experience?
Or do you need help clarifying your goals or simply improving your productivity?
Consult with expert teachers Elizabeth Green and Geri Green for advice, strategies and inspiration to enhance your teaching studio and give your students lessons they’ll love.


Learn our approach to technique to help you or your students prevent or recover from pain, play advancing repertoire and improve touch, tone and control

Teaching advanced students

Strategies for teaching specific repertoire, including technique strategies

Repertoire support

Advice on repertoire choices, method books and supplementary resources

Creative Skills

How to teach creative skills such as composition, improvisation, pop or contemporary music, and lead sheets

Business skills

Setting up a website, getting your administrative tasks streamlined and automated, hiring teachers, marketing strategies

Teaching young kids

Strategies for engaging and motivating kids: finding intrinsic motivation, games, challenges, incentives

Planning, Productivity and goal setting

Lesson and studio planning strategies, clarifying your goals and productivity strategies to make them happen


Teaching online effectively, using apps and software to enhance the student experience


Elizabeth's Expertise


Teaching Advanced Students

Repertoire Knowledge

Excelling in AMEB exams

Performance and interpretation strategies

General Knowledge, Music History, Harmony

Pathways for international studies and performance careers

Developing students self confidence and motivation from within

Geri's Expertise

Creative skills

Theory and harmony

Business and studio management

Planning, productivity and goal setting

Teaching preschoolers, kids and teenagers

Teaching adult beginners

New and innovative teaching resources, approaches and methods

Using technology and online teaching

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